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Is there a Facebook Like Box outline?

  1. Ciao tutti,

    I've searched the forums endlessly looking for a step by step way to install the Facebook Like Box to my blog. I have tried several, several times to install it via various different methods. Is there a video with a step by step guide circulating around the internet that may be of help to this confused blogger?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi. To my knowledge, there isn't, not even a support document (which is sad...)

    Are you using the widget under Appearance > Widgets? What address (http://...) are you entering there? Are you aware that it works only for fan pages, not groups or personal profiles?

  3. @airodyssey
    To my present knowledge, you've just written a support document here (which is good) :)

  4. I am using the widget under Appearance>Widgets, yes.

    I have a FB page under La Mia Vita Sarda | My Sardinian Life. Do I copy and paste the url from this page to the widget? I've done this, and it stays blank.

    I see so many blogs that have this widget and I can't seem to get it right.

  5. My Facebook Page URL is and that's what mine reads in the FB Like widget. The only variable I can see is try changing the "Width" parameter to see it that helps. Perhaps the current width exceeds what your widget is capable of displaying?


    would the above be my Facebook Page URL?

    I've tried again, and when I view my blog it's blank. I will play with the width to see.

    Thank you for your support.

  7. what if I try the Facebook Like Box plug-in from Facebook? Facebook will give me a code and I put it where on my blog? HTML? Oh gosh, I have so much to learn.

  8. now Im wondering ... I am Admin of my Facebook page La Mia Vita Sarda. My admin name is Jennifer Avventura, and that is where the FB page for La Mia Vita Sarda is. Somewhere it told me to switch back to Jennifer Avventura to get the code. Oh this is so confusing. Maybe Ill just go for a run and forget about boxes and liking. :)

  9. Am I seriously the only blogger in the world who cannot figure this thing out? All I want is the widget with the Facebook Like on my sidebar. When I enter in the URL for my page, nothing comes up, just a big blank space. Oh the joys.

  10. Get the BADGE code, not the box code.

  11. @raincoaster now that I've just installed the box code ... ha. How do I get the BADGE code?
    Do you have a step by step guide for the clueless? ;)

  12. @laavventura: I do see the Facebook Like Box on your sidebar at the moment and it appears to work just fine. But if you prefer to try the badge raincoaster is suggesting:

  13. The badge looks like this one in my sidebar for raincoaster media: scroll down.

  14. @shimworld - thanks for the info on changing the width of the Facebook Like Box. This worked and now I have it on my blog.

    Going to check out this BADGE.

  15. Thank you all for your wonderful advice and support.
    I've gone with a Facebook Badge instead of the Facebook Like Box.

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