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is there a fix coming soon for the "no theme CSS loaded" error?

  1. is there a fix coming soon for the "no theme CSS loaded" error on the Photography theme? My gallery page displays but when you click on any of the pictures it goes to a pictureless page and that message. Thanks.
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  2. Hi, Jennifer.

    There are presently a couple of threads about this problem in the Premium Forums.

    While the theme's authors are aware of the problem, I'm concerned that after 48 hours, there hasn't been much news about (1) what went wrong, (2) the presence of a fix, and (3) how long the solution will take.

  3. Hi Henry.

    Yes, thanks, I found my way there after writing this. I have the same concerns and really hope we're talking hours not days. Fingers crossed.

  4. philiparthurmoore

    It'll be hours, not days, gang. I've notified the developers about this and I'm looking into what may have caused this so suddenly for everyone. Really sorry about the headaches! Can you post to the premium theme forum thread so we can keep everything in one place? Thanks a ton and I'll try to get this sorted out as soon as possible for you guys.

  5. philiparthurmoore

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