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Is there a full size post writing page?

  1. Is WordPress designed just for writing short blurbs? I want to write a ~5 paragraph blog post but when I click new post it just slides down a little div that I can't stretch out. It feels too clustered. This didn't used to be like this. Come on WordPress. You're supposed to be *the* blogging site. Make it blogger friendly.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Is this what you are looking for?

  3. no it's not. basically i want a quick way to get to the editing page you see when you start a new post from within the admin console. it's a full page editor. the quick 'new post' from the upper right menu just gives you a tiny box. thanks for the suggestion though.

  4. To edit posts go to > Dashboard > Posts > All Posts and hover over the post title then click "edit".

    Advice: Do not log-in on the front page of Do not create posts here >!/post/
    Instead I recommend that you ONLY log-in directly you your own blog and ONLY create posts here > Dashboard > Posts > Add New

  5. ok that's a good idea. i would have hoped going through the homepage would be the best way to do it but i'll follow your suggestion from now on. thanks.

  6. Going through the home page is fraught with disaster such as the auto-save not working and losing one's drafts without being able to get post revisions.

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