Is there a glitch in my setup?

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    Why does my account have two different titles? My blog has two internet addresses when one should be primary and the other should be secondary. One address is The other one is: I would appreciate your assistance in fixing this problem. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is




    That is the issue. When I go to the “My Blogs” section in the Dashboard it lists the Blog Name as: Then nest to it, it lists the Address as being: Both of which are primary. The blog name and the address are supposed to be the same. Do you know what would cause these two different names to be primary simultaneously? Can this be fixed or do I need to delete them both and start over?



    They really, truly are two different sites, that’s why each URL is showing as primary.

    You can see how different they are.

    DO NOT DELETE anything, because if you delete a URL it is gone forever and neither you nor anyone else can ever use it again.



    The account that you are posting from is the owner of has the title of “Mental Health Awareness”. If you want to change this, you can do so from your Dashboard under Settings–> General.

    There is a blog called, but it is not one that your user account appears to be connected to.

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