Is there a good applcation for editing on Mac like Windows Live Writer?

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    Hello all,

    I’m quite a new for all of blogging, so I have one question. Is there a good editor for writing my post on Mac, other than the built-in editor by

    What I want to do is to change font families, font sizes and line margins, different from the WordPress’s default, because its default is too dense to make it easier to read for our Japanese character based on Chinese characters. While I know this is possible in HTML editor within the WordPress’s editor, it’s better if I can do those procedures without connecting to the Internet.

    Although I searched in this forum, I could not find specific informations other than using Windows Live Writer or Bongo. I want to know whether there are other solutions for our Macintosh users on

    Thank you very much in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh, I’m shamed I have to correct my typo; not “applcation”, but “application”…
    Anyway, this question seems to be improper in this forum…


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    Oh, you are in the right place. Most likely no volunteer who knows an answer saw your post.

    Take a look at this site:

    She reviews editors for both Windows and Mac.



    Thank you very much for your reply, 1tess, again.

    It seems like that we have a lot of options for this purpose out of my knowledge. I’ll try them and I might reply my preference as a novice.

    Many thanks, 1tess.


    Personally I like Ecto better than anything else for Mac, but it isn’t free. It also isn’t as feature rich as WLW, but it certainly gets the job done and creates solid code.


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    You know, I might pony up for Ecto one of these days. I’m getting tired of the editor here eating my code or adding weirdness. thanks.



    You’re welcome. At around $20 is won’t break the bank and it is quite solid. It even allows creating/editing of pages. Sadly it does not have a table feature in it. I’m hoping that will be in the next major release.



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    Oh rats! I use tables all the time to put my pictures where I want them to stay.
    Thanks for letting me know.


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    Checked it out. Thanks.


    There isn’t a Mac blog client that does tables yet. I have hope though that Ecto will do it. Fingers crossed.


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    You and me both then.

    Tables aren’t that hard but they can be fussy. Before I learned to write my own, I used the online editor on the website I do for work. But it’s not friendly to Macs so I gave up and learned a little html…

    Don’t laugh because that illustrates how non-technical I am (not even knowing any html back then), but I’m the most tech-literate at work… LOL


    When I need them I just do one online at one of the table generators and then paste it into the code section on Ecto and then edit away. It seems to work well that way.


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    Q~Yes I’ve tried some of those. Some ok…
    I’m sort of coming to the point where if I spend more time on the structure of a post rather than on content, it may be counter-productive. I’m still on a learning curve and you are

    best wishes on your move—perhaps already completed?
    again thanks~


    Departure time delayed due to weather. Temperatures here too cold for my Cat to fly out. It has to be over 10 degrees F at any stop on the trip and we’ve seen overnight temperature at -10 to -25 all this week with it barely rising above zero during the day. It’s looking like the middle of next week.

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