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Is there a good third party website for video embedding?

  1. I already know that I can't embed iframe or flash based videos onto my website since I've just spent the last hour trying to track down a work around. I used to used Vodpod, but ever since they were acquired by Lockerz, the website has become worthless/glitchy and is focused solely on selling me crap rather than providing the service I originally signed up for.

    Since, my website is extremely small, I'm just looking for a free third party embedder since I don't get enough traffic to justify a per-month pay website like Shortform.

    If anyone has any could help me out, this would be a big help. I know that WordPress doesn't want to add iframe/flash support for security reasons, but it would be nice if bloggers could be provided access to an approved workaround website that has the WordPress seal of approval =^_^=

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Does gigya support iframe as well? I didn't see an example of iframe code being altered in the list of examples, so I figured I should ask as direct experimentation on my website yielded poor results.

  3. There is NOTHING here that supports an iframe except the Tagul workaround, which is torturous and doesn't work well. You're on your own with that.

  4. That's sort of what I expected. It's kind of a frustrating shortfall on WordPress' part considering how common iframes are becoming, but than again, the platform is free... :P

    Thank you for the help. At least I've got a partial workaround with the gigya stuff.

    Thanks again,

  5. IFrames are a huge security issue, though. Because of the way the blogs here are constructed, you're always exposed to the greatest security risk deemed acceptable by the dumbest person on your theme. That's why security has to be so locked down.

  6. I understand completely. Just wish they could find a good third part service like Vodpod used to be as this is a problem that's going to become more frequent, not less for many bloggers.

    Thanks again.

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