Is there a happy medium between and VIP Hosting?

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    I love WordPress. I love the idea of, but I want the flexibility of’s plugins/themes. VIP Hosting sounds like what I need but the pricing is out of the question for new blogs.

    I love the pricing, safety and scalability of sites, but the lack of plugins/theme capability is a deal killer. is the only solution I’ve found for managed installations but I would much rather be with

    Will we ever see a full-featured


    The only thing in between is hosting it yourself, and of course that comes with a higher workload and in some cases, headaches.

    That said, I’ve been self-hosted for three years and had few problems.



    Yea I hear ya, the less technical stuff to worry about, the better. Self hosting isn’t too bad but then you have to worry about backup, updates, support, scaling, etc. Stuff like is just too convenient and the pricing for premium features are well worth it. I wish they had a VIP Hosting service that was tiered for usage or something.


    Nothing in between here I’m afraid.

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