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Is there a limit on number of blog posts?

  1. Is there a limit on the number of blog posts on a free blog?
    I have been told I have 724 blog posts and one to go.... what does this mean?
    I have one scheduled to go on the 1st Jan 2012 and I want to keep posting after that.
    My blog:
    this is not a business blog just a craft blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The sidebar tries to motivate you by saying you have X number of more posts until your next milestone; it has nothing to do with how many posts you're allowed. I have over 4000 on one blog alone.

    PS when you list your blog, remember to add http to it, so it's clickable.

  3. Well, wordpress doesn't have any limit on the number of blog posts.
    It( does, however, have a limit on the space of uploaded content (ie images, videos), which for free ussers is 3GB.

    I don't know where u heard 724 blog posts and one to go. Idk what that means either.

  4. Thank you. So much. I know about the GB limit.
    I'm not freaking out so much now. Thanks.

  5. You can turn that "feature" off:
    Users—>personal settings—>un-tick "Show the feedback and progress sidebar after posting "—>save

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