Is there a limit to the amount of text one can have on a page?

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    Is there a limit to the amount of text one can have on a page?

    I ask because whenever I try to save or publish a page with a rather lenghty article in it, I get a message reading “The connection was reset, The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading”

    Whats going on??



    How lengthy is lengthy?
    In theory no there is not but just like people are having problems uploading images because they are too large it would be useful to know how ‘big’ your text is. The longer it takes to move from your machine the higher the chance of something going wrong between your computer and here.
    If it happens again, send in a feedback with a full copy of the text?



    how large is ‘too large’?

    I think it would be useful to know the maximum allowed file upload size. in practice.

    so, may be, if this and some other .com operational settings parameters (like blog_upload_space, upload_filetypes) will be stated in the FAQ, this would reduce a number of questions concerning those issues?

    as for this particular error message, this is what Firefox developers think about it:

    The connection was reset
    The connection to the server at %address was reset while the page was loading.

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.



    In practice is going to depend on your line speed, the quality of the line and at every hop through to the server.
    People use WP to write huge entries – pages long – so the issue is less WP and more the connection. I think it’s fair to say that is the case regardless of whether it’s or anywhere else.



    Ok, thancks.

    I’ve only been ona 56k modem since I moved house, so that may be the problem.



    IMDB set limits to what people can post on their profile pages after someone posted the entire Book of Revelations on their profile page. lol I know. COMPLETELY off topic but I thought it was funny. :)



    I have quarter meg post that WP appears to have handled ok.



    My connection is timing out on an article I published a year ago. I edited the categories, and now it will not re-publish. Also, starting two days ago for me, another long (three Word-type document pages in length, double-spaced with gaps between paragraphs, and hey, we’re talking TEXT here, times out on me every time. My connection is fast and wide (Comcast Cable Internet), so it almost has to be the server at WP’s end. My guess is that since its a longer article, WP is bumping us out to reduce space requirements and allow for faster processing of other, shorter blog articles.

    Yeah, that’s all that makes sense to me.



    If you contact staff using the Support button that is normally available on your Dashboard Monday-Friday, 8-4 PM make sure you send them the following info:
    – your browser
    – your browser version
    – your FULL blog address (not the name, the real address that begins http:// )
    – your FULL username
    – your REAL email address that is registered here
    – and a very good description of the exact problem.

    NB. Please do not post the personal information noted above to the forum.



    pineneedle – which article?

    We don’t stop / reduce / affect posts or images at all.



    I have a post that’s ,13,000 words and several images, and it published without issue.

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