Is there a limit to the number of hyperlinks you can have in a post?

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    I was trying to link to some pictures, blogs web articles for my post “Eating Healthy”. Some work and others don’t. The problem isn’t that I used the wrong address, so I’m wondering if I tried to put too many hyperlinks within my post?

    Can anyone help me?


    The blog I need help with is



    No, that’s not the reason. But we can’t tell you the reason if we can’t see the post. Please provide a link to it, starting with http.


    Sorry that’s the link to the offending post. For some reason, after a while my links kept disappearing, so I was only able to keep a few active ones.


    That link is from your dashboard. You need the permalink of the post from the main page.

    In the first paragraph it seems you didn’t add the url link but did write the description of the link. So the words are highlighted but without the link in the code, they won’t click and lead anywhere. Many times I have a dozen or two dozen links and miss a few myself too.


    Thanks I realised after that I put the wrong link in, and then I was panicking over the fact that I linked to my dashboard. LOL! Thanks a bunch for the advice I’ll re-enter the links.


    No don’t panick. It leads to the log in area for everyone else but you.


    Thank you it worked!!!

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