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Is there a link limit per post

  1. Is there a limit as to the number of links that can be put into a single post?

  2. If you put too many links in a post, then it may get picked up as SPAM. So I doubt the exact number of links will be published anywhere (otherwise, spammers would just subtract one, etc.).

    If you're blog is valid and not SPAM/Splogger, then you should be okay. There's lots of link blogs out there. How many links are you talking about? 5, 10, 100?

  3. I believe Google allows up to 100 links per post before
    they consider it as spam...

  4. If you're talking about things such as the post in the blogspot blog linked to your name -- the one with 894 links designed to jack up your Technorati ranking -- I think that's a specific question only support can answer.

  5. James,
    I am thinking of creating a new directory concept using a blog, but hosted by a third party using a wordpress blog template. Some of the posts could get into the thousands. I am not sure if WordPress has a limit or it that is just on a wordpress hosted blog.

  6. Theres no limit with wordpress that i'm aware of but the search engines look at it as
    spam after a certain amount of links =)


  7. If you're hosting on a third party, you need to be over at We cannot help you here.

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