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Is there a link to see all your posts?

  1. When I used Blogger there was a link for each month. I was wondering if there was a link that showed all your posts besides the Archive widget.

    Thanks so much to everyone who is helping me. :)

  2. Just the Archive widget, currently; that will show archives in monthly groupings. You can make a sitemap yourself and make it a stationary page, but you'd have to add each post to it by hand.

  3. I figured on the second one.
    I guess I will work with the widget.
    Thanks for all your help. You rock!!

  4. {waving to raincoaster}
    IMHO the best place to see all your posts is here -> Manage -> Posts
    In this admin section you can find all your posts by using the filters provided such as status, (any, draft, published, private), date (month) and category.
    HTH :)

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