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Is there a place to nominate for Freshly Pressed?

  1. becomingcliche

    I was looking around, and I can't find a spot. I would love to nominate because her work is very witty, and her blog is so unique. I know it's hard for the powers that be to see each and every blog that is posted. Just wanted to bring her work to someone's attention.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I wish you could! But i'm afraid not!

  3. themiddlestsister

    That is very sweet and so nice to stumbled upon! But I think the only way to get freshly pressed is to employ the techniques outlined in the objective how-to manual "The Secret" :D

  4. becomingcliche

    Rats. Was so hoping. Worth a try, though. Nicole, will employ The Secret on your behalf. That involves graffiti and a dog toy, right? Or was that my last Secret?

  5. Thanks for point the blog out though, it's been keeping me entertained :)

  6. Aw man, I would nominate myself all the time. I have so much to share but not many to read it!

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