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Is there a problem counting hits today?

  1. I know I'm getting plenty of hits and yet my counter hasn't moved in 10 hours. Anyone know anything that's going on?

  2. You'll need to Contact support for this matter.

  3. That's interesting. I noticed the same thing and just started to wonder about it.

  4. I just sent off an email to support. Interesting that in the 13 months I've been with WordPress, while I've read others having this problem, it's never found its way to me...until now.

  5. I contacted support as well.

  6. I seem to be having the same problem today.

  7. Me too

  8. Support said that there wasn't a problem with my stats and they did change last time I looked. So maybe it is an anomaly but it is kind of weird for the four of us to experience the same one.

  9. My number of hits has now gone up but I am still convinced there was a problem, because I know of people who were looking at my blog this afternoon.

  10. Ditto but it seems to be ok now.

  11. Shortly after I sent an email to support, my stats jumped in a major way. They've continued to go up since then so it appears the problem has been corrected.

  12. My hit count is erratic, I know I.m getting hits that are not being registered on Rhyming Yack :(

  13. gravatariscancer

    My hits took a nose dive as well

  14. thewhitelilyblog

    Me, too. Then they jumped all at once. I didn't contact anybody.

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