is there a problem with wordpress editing speeds?

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    For Unsleepable by Ben Gray – design/theme
    Would really like to see a clock when on my blog!
    I don’t ware a watch so i think it would be good to see the time as a widget!
    I have a clock rack i found but that’s on my desk top

    Is there a problem with wordpress speeds?

    Or have i done something which is slowing all actions down?
    Have been preoccupied with the xenophobia here in south Africa so haven’t been keeping an eye on the forum boards to see if there was a problem
    As this would also have taken ages to get to it!
    I have a friend of mine who also uses wordpress and he also has been battling
    It’s called Murphy’s law or is it the other law that sees Murphy as a damn optimist!
    When there ‘s an emergency that’s when you want things to work quickly to disseminate information that people want to know on how to help out what the refugees need etc

    Going to other sites is no problem the connection and moving with in other sites is normal

    As i’m writing now i can see there is a delay and where some letters appear and then i have to wait for the other letters to catch up

    On the blog it has been a nightmare doing anything worst of all is saving and it goes into time out and error and all is lost wasting much time
    Saving, making any changes going to comment page, moving from html to view mode
    It’s been like this for 3 days
    Serious expeetatives have eminated into the street in the wee hrs of the morning!
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs and banging my head on the desk
    It reminds me of the days when i had too little ram
    When i’m in word or other programs speeds are normal
    I can see that stuff is going on behind the scenes but not on the editor/pages

    No time or the energy to post for help to sort it out
    As the part of the brain that is required to comprehend things is not functioning to well
    The typing is jerky
    I’m using opera
    I have 3 windows open to separate the different blogs which has not been a problem in the past
    Most of the information i’m having to load onto both blogs



    Theres plenty of websites that have clocks
    in HTML format that you can add to a text widget
    to display on your blog search Google you’l
    find plenty to choose from…..

    WordPress has been running slow for me too…



    thanx for clocks info
    when doing searches using the word time loads of software to do with the inner workings of a computer shows up and not a good old clock as in watch!

    relieved in a way that its not just me
    do you think they are being hacked into or something?!

    i thought i’d done something which is like an “illegal/fatal” thing which i not aware of having done!



    I don’t think there being hacked has alot of members
    I’m “Guessing” the servers are overload
    from the traffic…

    Try html clocks

    Teck… :)



    can a countries secret service ‘intercept’ data [posts] going out of a country?
    call me paranoid – a journalist friend has said that the media and relief agencies are being kept away from the refugee camps – here in cape town



    key word to pick up is xe no pho bia!



    Yes, if the government’s technology is sophisticated enough it probably can scan posts. I would expect they would probably just subscribe to a Google Alerts or something, though. But you’d still show up; that’s what blogging is. It’s the most powerful communication device in the world. Expect people will read your blog.

    But I don’t know what that has to do with keeping the media away from the refugee camps. The government physically controls access to those.



    i’m most probably on their black list!
    as i’m posting what i’m being sent from those who are in the field or who are one degree away from it
    1st hand reports of how things unfolded which the gov are trying to take credit for
    as with what happened with masiphumelele – no one chased anyone away there and they are asking them to come back home. The only community so far to have done so.
    the community has been driving projects to improve things for a couple of years

    could it be that the speed at which news gets around via the internet the politicians/government hesitate to speak up/out quickly – do anything in case they get criticized?
    gone are the days when the ANC came into power they were so delightfully refreshing with their political guffaws – they were so spontaneous and honest it was wonderful
    now they are like all other politicians
    power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?
    the dark side of being human i guess

    all i want is a kind word a warm bed and absolute power
    Ashley Brilliant
    My sentiments exactly!



    What do you mean “blacklist?” You’re posting with no problems, yes? And you haven’t been arrested, right? Then either they have not blacklisted you or they are not terribly fearsome.



    black list as keeping an eye on my blog!
    just think of all the contacts ‘they’ can put together
    does black list in blogish mean you get removed?!
    C IA have got very good and long lists too!

    got to laugh hay!



    Assume they are reading your blog. Lose sleep over that if you choose. I, myself, wouldn’t worry.

    If you want resources, try

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