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Is there a problematic software update with ?

  1. 40pound, timethief:
    The symptoms I get is exactly the same as you describe.

    "that image uploads were being corrupted". 40pound actually doesn't refer to the image file itself been corrupted but rather the display of image in a post has gone awry.

    I hope the following information helps:
    - My system configuration is using Windows Vista. My blog has now amount to 130 posts with many images.
    - I using Windows Live Writer (WLW), BlogJet, ScribeFire. There is no way to rename the image specifically to prevent name conflict when submitting post using those blogging tools (Correct me if I'm wrong).
    - I'm using the latest version of WLW - 1128 as well.

    I have captured the video and pictures that highlight the problems with the blogging tools at

  2. We've deployed a fix that re-instates the unique file name feature. All uploaded files will get unique file names again.

    @geekycoder -

    Can you try your image upload test again. I want to make sure that our deployed fix solves the problems you were seeing.

  3. @josephscott: The deployed fix seems to solve the problem. Thank you.

    Here's the successful test page:

    This doesn't correct the damage, however, so we might want to say something like: "If you experienced image problems similar to those described in this thread from date A (Dec 14 ??) to date B (Dec 17), you will need to delete and then reupload the problem images."

    @geekycoder: Cool demo. Thanks!

  4. To josephscott, 40pounds and others that follow this thread...

    I have tested the fix in Windows Live Writer and BlogJet. Look like the problem has finally resolved. Though I find ScribeFire no longer able to show any blog posts and pages at all now. Look like have to wait for ScribeFire's update.

    Anyway, kudos to the josephscott, Mark & WordPress support team for quickly resolving the issue. I have updated the status of the my post accordingly.

    Once again, happy blogging with WordPress again...

    thank... ;^)

  5. @geekycoder
    The option for marking this thread "resolved" is found in your original post.

  6. timethief,
    I forget about "resolving" this if not you remind me.

  7. thumbs up ! :)

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