Is there a simple way to export my picture uploads?

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    I’ve changed my blog to recently, and the transition was quite smooth – except for the uploads.

    All of the pictures I had uploaded to the original blog were not exported to my domain, and consequently the new blog has several links pointing back to the old one; this is a problem because I want to cancel the old blog, however if I do it without switching the pictures there will be a lot of dead links.

    So, I was wondering if there’s an easier way to accomplish this task than single-handedly saving about 100 pictures and uploading them to the new blog, one by one. Any ideas?



    Congrats on going self-hosted, it gives you soooo many more options!

    Unfortunately, I think you’re stuck with exporting them one-by-one. Uploading them to the new server can be done by FTP but you’ll either need to maintain the folder structure created when you uploaded the posts here, or edit every post with the new URL of the image.



    It would be pretty wicked if we could get a button to export our files for this. Maybe something that should go into the development requests ;) I would love to just download the entire folder for myself!




    This would be an excellent feature. Thanks for suggesting it.



    Ya know, I’ve just had a thought. There may be an easy way to do this, I just need to test it. I’m not going to post it in an open forum either so I’ll let you know if/when I figure it and you can give me a shout if you want to know. :)

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