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Is there a space limitation (how much space is available)

  1. Is there a limitation for how much space can used on WP? How much space is available for photos and other things uploaded to WP... is there a limit pr. person or blog?

    And, just out of curriosity...
    Since it is a free service staffed with high-skilled people, who pay?

    I understand it better with Google (Blogger), Google is an enormous integrated commercial-payed mix of services, surely a giant money-machine. But what about WordPress, it is blogs and blogging software only, right? So, where is the business.

  2. We're currently allowed 50 megs of space per blog here at This is covered as a FAQ in the pink sticky at the head of these forums. I politely suggest that you read it as it appears that you may have missed it.

    As to the financial concerns of Automattic, you need to ask them about it.

  3. OK, sorry, thank you.

  4. Not an issue. :)

    Actually WordPress makes it money from a number of resources. VIP blogs, paid support, paid upgrades (I can't find the announcement page on their blog. It's Dashboard -> Upgrades though when you log in), and they have received some venture capital in the past. It let's them buy lunches like this.

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