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Is there a tag limit?

  1. I am unclear if we get penalized if we have too many tags. Is it true that 12 is the limit? Do too many tags mean we do not show up on tag pages?

  2. #1 - A total of 12 tags and/or categories

    #2 - yes

  3. Thank you...what about past posts?

  4. Would that be the same for categories? Or is that a different matter?

  5. Oh yes. I already read that thread but missed the answer to my question. Not quite my day today. I should go to bed...

  6. There is no actual limit to the number you can have on, it's just that if you have too many the odds are will drop you from global tag pages. But I've seen as many as eighty (on dumb people's blogs).

  7. No chance of just being given "less weight" for excess tags....or just show up on the tag pages for the first 12 added? instead of excluded altogether? or only excluded if you're using more than 12 tags that are actually popular?

    I use the WordPress API and I add categories with the same names as my keywords embedded in the photos. I use more than 12 on many of my posts, but quite honestly, some of these categories aren't widely used. I'm the only poster in many of them. I'm not spamming a bunch of common categories. I use a category for country, state/province, city where the photo was taken that eats up 3 of them right there.

    It might be nice if you'd show a maximum of 1 main result from a blog on global tag pages (per few days? per week?) then have a "more results from this blog" underneath like google search results.

    Spammers can still abuse categories, they'll just make more posts and make a few sets of 12 they'll choose between for each post.

    Thank you.

  8. Only showing up on the global category pages for the first 12 added would be a good solution IMHO. It still allows categories and tags to be used for internal organization (like my case) without penalizing you from being found at all.

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