Is there a theme that does what I am looking for?

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    I am getting frustrated with my search for the perfect theme. Please help if you can!

    I am very happy with the look of my (journalist 1.3) blog
    EXCEPT for the fact that I want the images to be larger.

    One of the theme wranglers recommended Fusion which has a wider single column. I just started testing it here:
    but already I see that only one post shows at a time. I would like BIG PICTURES where many posts show on one page. Is there such an animal? I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is



    Very strange…twice I looked at my test blog

    and only one post showed with an arrow to the previous post.
    Now I just pulled it up and both test posts are showing on the home page.
    I’m not sure what’s going on here but if I can keep many posts “stacked” (is there a better word for this?) on the same page perhaps Fusion will work for me after all.



    Okay, Fusion seems to be working the way I want. See what you think.

    Since I’ve posted a question and gotten your attention let’s put this space to good use…

    Is there another theme you would recommend over Fusion based on what I am asking for?

    AND/OR if you are familiar with Fusion I’d appreciate tips for setting up the footer with my present sidebar info.

    Thanks again.



    I’ve been blogging for 6 years and IMHO you will never find “the perfect theme”.
    Please see here > Maximum displayed image width for all themes >
    See also the Themes Showcase which has a demo site >



    Perhaps “perfect” wasn’t a good word choice…how about “best available” theme that will fulfill my needs? :)

    timethief thanks for the maximun image width info. That is a big help to point me in the right direction. Now at least I can narrow down my choices from a manageable group.

    The themes showcase is not extremely helpful imho. (In case WordPress is reading this.) Yes, there are stats for each theme but I like to see a visual example and the sample blogs never seem to feature the stats which interest me.



    All blogs have stats. See here please >

    In additiopn to the stats program if we wish we can use non-Javacript 3rd party stats program. See also:



    Sorry timethief, another misunderstanding based on my choice of words.
    I am new here so don’t have the “lingo” down yet. Sorry!

    You were suggesting I use the Themes Showcase and I was saying that I don’t find it helpful because for each theme there are specs (SPECS is the word I meant, not STATS.) I mentioned that I like to see visual examples and usually the SPECS I am interested in are not shown in the sample blog. I can read about the largest image size the blog can use but I would prefer to see an example.

    I didn’t mean to mention stats at all. Don’t care about them.

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