is there a theme with one fixed column plus 2nd for blog on 1 page?

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    Hi, I’m trying to change my blog theme because I need one fixed entry on the first page. Most themes allow new blog entries then only on another, a 2nd page if I decide for fixed 1st page.
    Is there an alternative?
    Is there a theme that allows one fixed entry plus variing blog posts on the same page? for example one fixed column one flexible?
    I tried suburbia but don’t seem to get it working for me.
    happy to go premium if necessary.
    thanks for any ideas

    The blog I need help with is



    Most themes (including Suburbia) can do what you’re looking for if you mark a post as a sticky.
    On Suburbia this will result in double-width posts – see the demo:

    And some themes have alternative ways of displaying some fixed content above your posts on the homepage; for instance, Modularity Lite, Mixfolio and Titan have a “Welcome message” / “Welcome” / “Homepage Notice” area (all in Appearance > Theme Options), Hatch has a “Brief Introduction” area (Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options), and Inuit Types has a Front Page Intro widget (Appearance > Widgets).


    Thank you very much justpi, that was a great help! have been wordpressing for over 5 years but never saw that “sticky” option. Great!
    Will look into the other suggested themes as well.

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