How to view a private blog?

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    I have created a blog that I would like to keep private but make available/viewable to at least 30 and possibly as many as 50 individuals. So far I have invited only 3 users. I made them all contributors because that seemed to be the only option that allowed them to see the blog. The process to create a user account was confusing for the two individuals who accepted the invitation because it implies all users want to create their own blog. Is there an easy way to invite users to view a private blog that requires a simpler sign up process and asks only for a username and password?

    Blog url:


    There is an easier way – users can go through the same form, but only sign up for a username.

    Direct them to go to and click in the ‘Sign up for just a username’ link in the signup form.

    (They can also go to to get the same form.)

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