is there a way for readers to insert a picture into their comment?

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    in one of my posts, i want to ask readers to show me their jeep at its dirtiest, and i’m trying to get them to subscribe, so i want them to reply with a comment, where they have to subscribe to comment and insert the picture. i’ve tried to enter the picture myself, in a comment, and i don’t think it’s possible. is there another way for my readers to ‘join in’ on the post, (while subscribing first) with the ability to enter text and a photo?

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    We don’t have a feature to let users upload images in comments, but we do support basic HTML in comments so users can upload images elsewhere (for example, to a public photo sharing site), and then embed them in the comment using the >img> tag.



    can you suggest a few ‘photo sharing sites’ that i can suggest in my post, for my readers? and can you tell me exactly how to embed using the >img> tag? thanks.



    Sure! OK :)

    There are sites such as Flickr, Photobucket, SmugMug, and Picasa, to name but a few. Your readers should be able to find something to suit them amongst those options.

    Here is a handy tutorial which should help you out with use of the image tag.

    Hope that helps.

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