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Is there a way, in stats, to get all clicks to display?

  1. I have a lot of photos on my blog and I like to keep track of which photos people are clicking on to view full size. Until the recent format change in stats, this was easy. Now all such clicks are listed on a single line and you have to click through to see the individual files. The problem is that, when there are more than a small number of clicks through to photos or other files hosted by the blog, not all are displayed. This morning, for instance, stats tells me that people have clicked through to view 41 of my files, but stats will only display the first 11 of these files and there seems to be no way to find out what the others were.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It shows at the end of the line of a specific image clicked on how many times it was clicked on. If, 41 (as an example) people clicked on an image it would only show once, and then have 41 at the end of it. Have you checked those numbers?

  3. @jansmix
    Thanks for helping.

  4. I guess I should be more clear. Since the format change all clicks to internal files (including photos) are listed on a single line. This morning, for instance, that line reads " 41," meaning that there have been 41 clicks through to my files. When I click on that line to see which individual files have received those clicks, however, only 11 files are listed. The first has received 2 clicks, the rest 1 each. This leaves 29 clicks, corresponding to 29 files, unaccounted for. I have been unable to find a way to get wordpress to list those additional files for me.

  5. therattlingdoor

    There is a drop down on the line of each click shown, if it is clicked on more than once.

  6. Yes. And the drop down lists only 11 files, accounting for only 12 of the 41 clicks. I want to know about the other 29 clicks.

  7. therattlingdoor

    Where are you actually seeing that it says 41 people have clicked?

  8. therattlingdoor

    I just visited your blog and clicked on a photo. Did this show in your clicks? Also it took TWO clicks for the image to show for me, so it's possible other people have had to click twice as well,.

  9. I am seeing it on my stats page on the line, under clicks, reading " 41." That line is followed by a listing of 3 external links that have been clicked once each and then the words "Total clicks on links on your blog 44." Clicking the "files" line displays the drop down showing 11 of my files. One has been clicked twice, the others once each. That leaves 29 clicks unaccounted for.

  10. therattlingdoor

    As i said above, i had to click TWICE for the image to go to larger view. It's possible that other people have had to click twice, and that would account for the click number being higher than the amount of links shown. It would only show the image clicked on when it actually appeared (the second click) and that leaves an extra click. Or perhaps WP now only list a certain number, i don't know about that. Someone else may be able to help further or flag this for staff to take a look.

  11. Your click has been counted as the "files" line now says 42. The drop down still displays only 11 files, though. Interestingly, at least one or two of the 11 files clicked on only once are different files than were listed earlier. It seems the stats page only allows for 15 lines total in the clicks section. If you exceed that with a drop down, some of it just doesn't display.

  12. Don't know why you had to click twice, but it seems you were only counted once.

  13. therattlingdoor

    That's your answer then...only a certain amount displays, image if 5,000 people clicked each of your images, it would extend into infinity!!

  14. If the answer is that there simply is no way to get a list of every file people have clicked through to with the new stats format, then I don't think much of the new stats format. I started this thread hoping that someone might know a way of accessing this information that, under the old format, it was easy to display.

  15. therattlingdoor

    As far as i know, what you see is what you get with the stats there is no further info available for you to access, other than in summaries. But. as i've said someone else may be able to help you further.

  16. When the line limit is exceeded in one of the sections on the stats page, a line is created for "other posts," "other clicks," "other referrers," etc. that you can click to bring up a new page providing a full listing. The problem appears to be that the recently added drop downs do not provide this feature. They simply cut themselves off at the line limit and don't give you a way to click through to a complete listing. And when you click through to a more detailed page using the "other" line or by using the summary feature, the drop downs are disabled - so you're still SOL.

    All I want is what I've always had: a complete list of the files that people have clicked through to. Is there really no way to get this anymore?

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