Is there a way that I can put up a pole

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    I would like to ask questions and have respondance answer by voting
    Is this possible



    As far as I know, the only polls that work with is Lucky Polls.


    luckypolls only looks like it works in the sidebar. but it doesn’t. when clicked it takes the clicker to the poll url. also although the user has a choice to submit her/his name at the end of the poll, it does NOT work if the user doesn’t submit name.

    here is a post that has reviews of sites where you can make surveys/polls for your blog. please scroll down for polls.

    all of them provide a url that can be linked to from your blog. if you are looking for something other than luckyolls, give the list a try.





    As you do not have the correct answers to the questions posed perhaps your time would be better spent by learning the contents of the FAQs. :)


    just letting you all know that the list provided earlier now includes links to sample polls. so you can see if you like the look of a poll before you make one.

    also the recurring formatting issues in the list are taken care of. thanks for your patience!

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