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Is there a way to add a "share this blog" link?

  1. readyfortribulation

    I had another blog on here some time ago and thought I'd had a sort of "tell a friend" link that allowed people to send a message to other people about checking out my blog. I've been looking around on the site but can't seem to find anything like that now. Anyone know if this is possible and/or how to do it?

  2. Most people that use these buttons use the free service from AddThis:

    You'll have to add them at the end of every post, but most people suggest they work ok.


  3. They work bloody genius!

  4. rain - I am a little confused here. How do these work?

    I looked at the code that addthis provides and there's PHP in it, a strict no-no at

    Many thanks

    Sir Confused McGrumpsalot of England.

  5. Just occasionally I should take my own advice and search rather than just post. I found the information in a thread by TT a few months ago:

  6. I use this script in conjunction with AutoHotKey to generate all the social bookmark icons at the bottom of my posts. It's not exactly "Tell a Friend", but it's like the AddThis link, only it allows the viewers to select the specific one(s) they want.

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