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Is there a way to allow another user to take over (admin) a blog?

  1. I set up a blog for a friend of mine using my email address but her information (the username and post are her information). I want to know how I can allow her to take over her own blog and remove me from it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Blogs belong to the person with the username account that registered the blog in question. To register a username account here one provides an email address and that email address becomes the unique identifier for the username account. There is a means of transferring that account to another username account. Only one Admin is recommended. The owner of the blog must add the other username account as an Admin of the blog and then follow this guide to transfer the blog to their username account >

  3. Just do the transfer thing in the instructions linked above - make sure you get the correct info on where the blog is being transferred - it takes I think two clicks and you are completely gone from the blog - there is no error checking on the receiving end other than a valid user name - I gave a blog to @raincoaster as a test without her being on the blog I gave away or her knowing anything about it until it showed up in her account -

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