is there a way to block certain search engine terms?

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    I was wondering if there is a way to keep certain search terms from leading to a blog, without changing the content of a post.

    I had thought there was a feature to block certain phrases out of the comments (but I can’t find it at the moment), so I was wondering if the same could be done to block certain phrases from leading to a blog.



    Not at You can make your blog invisible to search engines, but it won’t work retroactively. It only really works if you do that before there’s any content at all.



    There is no way to block search engine terms. However about the comment you go to Dashboard<Settings<Discussion. Then you can block a comment by Typing something in the box labled comment blacklist (if you want it to be marked as spam). Or type it in comment moderation (if you want it to be held for moderation).


    thank you very much for your replies.

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