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Is there a way to change the hyperlink of the header image with CSS?

  1. I am using the Chunk theme and would like to be able to change the hyperlink of the header image, preferably if possibly, using CSS. Any help would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You cannot link any header image to an external site.

  3. Can I turn off the hyperlink?

  4. What are you concerned about ie. what exactly are you trying to achieve?

  5. Just trying to remove a redundant hyperlink. Simple question. Is it possible? Yes or no. If yes, how? Thanks.

  6. timethief: thanks for the link, but that support page talks nothing about hyperlinks.

  7. I don't know what you mean by redundant and I don't help with CSS editing so I'm backing out of this thread.

  8. Redundant meaning the title is already a link to the site. The header linking back to the site is therefore redundant.

    I'm curious why you answered at all if you don't help with CSS editing? The title of this query specified such.

  9. Redundant meaning the title is already a link to the site. The header linking back to the site is therefore redundant.

    Now I understand you.

    I responded because the sitation is as follows. The custom design upgrade comes with Staff support. All Staff must have CSS editing skills. On this forum we usually see designsimply (staff) helping with most CSS editing. However, we haven't seek her for a week. A Volunteer thesacredpath also helps with CSS editing free of charge when he has time away from his clients but he's likewise unavailable at present. Aside from those two now and then another Volunteer with CSS skills will help. The bottom line is you have to be prepared to wait and I thought I might be able to search and find an answer for you.

  10. I appreciate that very much, timethief. I, too, have searched the forums and the web at large. However, I cannot seem to find a solution. Hopefully, either designsimply or thesacredpath will chime in before long.

  11. I have seen that post. It is not an elegant solution, but rather a work around (you remove the header image and insert a background image). I suppose it will do for now. At least until one of the support staff repsonds. Thanks.

  12. I'm visually challenged ... lol :D and I looked through many threads to find that one for you. I'm sorry it's not an elegant solution.

  13. I came up with a similar solution to the one linked:

    #header-image {
    	background: url( top center no-repeat;
    	height: 155px;
    #header-image a {
    	display: none;

    This is the first time I have ever seen someone ask to UNLINK the header :) almost every single other time, people want to link them. You might consider just leaving the link in place. I don't think it hurts anything. Probably helps even.

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