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Is there a way to check where my readers are from geographicaly?

  1. Hi there,

    I tried searching for this but no luck. Is there a way I can see where my readers are geographically in the world? As precise as possible would be great. A friend i know has a site(not a blog), where in the Back Office he can see exactly where the visitors of the site are from, even down to the town.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I use Clustrmaps on my blog ( ) but it only shows the country the visitor is from.

  3. To get very detailed information the code would require Java Script which is not allowed here for security reasons. So by using just a plain HTML code the 3rd party site can Not retrieve for example entering URL to your site exiting URL from your site what town they visited your blog from. these are some very basic details that can not be determine with out Java Script.

    Code « Support —

  4. ah dammit. Ok thanks for the info guys =)

  5. This is not as detailed as you want, but it is kind of fun:

  6. When your blog matures a bit, this will likely be of interest:

  7. whosamungus - HTML only version (not the javascript version)

  8. whosamungus is good. but they seem to have put up obstacles to get the HTML version (or has that changed?). Plus I have it on my blog, and it seems to be "unavailable" more often than other such things. Otherwise, yes, it is nice.

  9. @alexpoker

    where in the Back Office he can see exactly where the visitors of the site are from, even down to the town.

    The kind if visitor metrics programs that provide that detailed information with rehrad to referrals are not available for blogs. We cannot use javascript on our blogs. I have reviewed most of the programs that are available with the exception of go-stats.
    See >
    and >

  10. allows you to geotag your user profile and posts. That means you can assign an earthly location to your account and to each of your posts. will soon launch a Geo Search feature that will allow people to find your posts based on their locations.

  11. @Tess
    There is no obstacle. You email and within and hour you are given the HTML code. It's simple and speedy but the drama queens/kings created a different impression.

  12. timethief,

    apologies: I suppose I did not pay enough attention to the drama queens on the forums, and I have not tried to add it again recently. So. Yes. I should not add to the rumor and gossip stream here!

    None the less, whosamongus is down and unreachable more often than other such widgets. I used to check it often back in the summer (fall?) and it was down, but a minute later visible… I check it rarely now and it exhibits the same behaviour

    Anyway, yes, it could be of interest to the OP and to many others.

  13. Wow! I rarely ever experience the whoamungus widhet on my blog being "down". Perhaps it's a geographical thing. However, we have gone off on a tangent.

    The member here is a poker player who wants to pinpoint right down to the street they come from where each visitor comes from, like his friend does, and at this point in time that cannot be done on a blog.

  14. Yes. a tangent.
    don't know why you have better luck with whosamongus, for me, it is not reliable…

    anyway, you're right: it is a tangent. te3k gave the definative answer and all others' posts have offered possible work-a-rounds (not perfect) .

    Tell how "Geo Search feature" works. I might have disabled it in all my blogs. Or really, I sometimes miss news and updates?

  15. I disabled the geotagging feature > Users > Your Profile
    It peeved me right off to find that it is set up as a default so we have to turn it off rather than having the option to tun it on in the first place.

  16. ah. Yes I remember now: have turned it off. But I don't know what it does right now?

    I have actually turned it off because I could see something flash on in the browser status bar—maybe slowing things down when other people are on my local network??

    I'm curious if whatever they-all are planning will be of use?

  17. @Tess
    I answered you here but what I had to say tuned into a rant so I removed it rather than clicking submit. I think I'll publish it.

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