Is there a way to convert WMP audio file for uploading?

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    Okay, is there any way to make a WMP digital audio recording upload here on WP? I want to upload my WMP files from my digital recorder onto my page but can’t, sinc since WP doesn’t support it. Is there nothing more I can do? :(



    First you have to have the paid space upgrade to be able to upload audio files, and they have to be mp3 or mp4.


    If you google audio conversion or something similar you might actually find a free software package that will convert the files for you. Do be aware that like with any software, some packages may do a better job than others and some of the converted files may actually not end up meeting wordpress.COM file guidelines. You will just have to test it and see.



    well, the files are in wma format, so do I have to pay to get them on here? Will they work? I thought abou about a converte but I don’t recognize the formats supportd here on WordPress. thanks anyway.


    WordPress does not support wma format. It supports the ones listed in the link provided. You do have to have the space upgrade to be able to upload audio or video files.


    If you want to use the wp audio player, they have to be mp3s. So better not get the space upgrade but convert your files to mp3s and upload them in a file hosting site that provides DIRECT URLs (e.g. Fileden). Free converters: Audio Capture for PCs, Switch for Macs.

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