Is there a way to count the number of visitors I get per day?

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    I see the Blog Stats section, but those won’t count anything if someone just goes to the website from their bookmarks, or types in the address, or has referring logging off. Is there a way to count the actual number of visitors?



    If you want to do this best bet is to get a Sitemeter account. There is a free version which allows you to count up to the last 100 visitors to your blog.


    does that work on a account? or only if you have your own wordpress installation?



    you can use it on wordpress account or you can try other free stats tracking service as long as it using html code only


    Member also works here and give better daily tracking.

    You can only use the html version and so things like “Came From” and “Recent Keyword Activity” don’t work but it does give daily visitors and pageviews.

    The “How to” is in the FAQ.

    … hey, does that rhyme?


    just an update: I also found this hits counter widget in the sidebar widgets section. It seems to work pretty well and I think it’s retroactive.

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