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Is there a way to create columns or tables on a Site?

  1. I would really like to divide out some of the text on a page into columns, but I don't see that I can do this via my site. When I searched the web about how others have done this, someone indicated that I would need to download a plugin to do so. After searching for where I can download plugins in my Admin panel, I read in the Help section that for various security reasons we actually aren't able to download plugins. If not, then can someone please direct me to how I can create a columns or a table? Or, can the plugin for columns be downloaded for others to use? Here's where I found the information -

    Thank you.
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  2. The easiest way to add columns or tables is to use an offline editor that can create these elements for you. We have a list of some offline editors here.

    Another way you could add tables is by switching to the HTML Editor and using the <table> tags. (See this article for an overview of tables.)

    At this time, we don't allow any plugins due to the security restrictions in place for

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