Is there a way to delete one day from my blog stats?

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    In the process of making my blog ( I inadvertently racked up a LOT of hits on the very first day while designing it, and this has thrown off all of my subsequent stats.
    I’d like to remove that day (Jan 23, 2010) from my stat history, but I don’t see any way to do it and I can’t find a support topic or forum post that helps. Is it possible? Thanks in advance, in the hopes that someone can help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Your own visits are not counted. Also there is no way to delete a day from your stats. See here for more detail >



    OOPS! I forgot to say that your own visits to your own blog are not counted, provided you were logged into when you visited your own blog.


    Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t realize that and was viewing/testing the site in Opera (not logged in) while I was designing it in Firefox (logged in). I got ten times my normal traffic on the first day, which is still my ‘busiest day’. If I could beat that record I wouldn’t care so much, but that doesn’t seem likely.
    By the way, nice blog, and your post yesterday looks especially useful. Thanks!



    Hmmm …that’s too bad. :( You’re welcome and thanks for the compliment on my blog post. :)

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