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Is there a way to disable the Instant Feedback sidebar?

  1. You know, this one-

    I am on rural dialup with a really slow connection, everything takes quite some while to do, unlike you fortunate folk who enjoy high speed internet ;) Not that the new sidebar doesn't look nice and all (don't get your feelings hurt, Scott!)...but for me it is a tad invasive and it just takes me more time and steps to view my finished posts. I was just fine with the former ways of editing and publishing. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, right in the announcement there's a note:

    If you’d prefer the classic experience, you can turn Instant Post Feedback off from your Dashboard, at Settings, Users, Personal Settings.

  3. Cool! Thanks muchly.

  4. I don´t get it...

    Obviously a lot of people like the new sidebar and since it is easy to turn it off, I won´t complain about it being there.

    However, one of the arguments used is that it would be ever so great to be able to do - for example - a typo check right after posting because typo´s are easier to spot on a published page than in the editor...

    What is wrong with saving a draft version and then click preview? Works even better, because no-one but the publisher gets to see that preview, so there is no chance that fast followers spot the mistake.

    It´s all a matter of having your work-flow in order.

    Just my two cents.

    Happy new year :-)

  5. It doesn't DO typo checks, though. I'm not getting your point.

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