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Is there a way to display the audio player's playlist?

  1. I'm just beginning to build this blog. Please see the page called "1992" ( Purpose of the blog is to allow alumni of a high school to listen to audio recordings of their musical performances (glee club, etc) from years gone by. I'd like the player to show the songs in its playlist, so that users can pick, say, song No. 14, rather than have to stream through songs 1-13 to get there. Is there any way to add that functionality to the WP audio player?
    Blog url:

  2. There is no way to display the playlist or skip directly to specific songs with the built in player.

    To save your users the trouble of having to click on Next 13 times to get to the 14th song, you can show 14 separate players on the page.

  3. Ugh. OK, thanks. I've seen comments about importing a player from sites like MixPod. You probably can't make recommendations but can you tell me what general hazards to be aware of if I try to do this?

  4. Not sure what you mean by importing a player - can you send us links to some of those comments?

    Note that you can also use the SoundCloud player, which offers more features:

  5. Here's what I meant, from a site called WordPress Tips:

    I''d be interested in your thoughts on this kind of option. Some of these players appear to offer what I was looking for -- the ability to choose a song off a playlist.

    Thanks for your ideas, re using separate players for each song, and I will check out SoundCloud.

  6. The players mentioned in that article are not supported by - they might work for you, but we don't support them.

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