Is there a way to draft using a new theme?

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    [Googled and browsed the forums for this one, but didn’t get a straight answer. I’m guessing it’s been asked before though–a reference link would be lovely in that case]


    I am looking to do a site overhaul, which includes:

    • removing, changing, and adding content
    • changing the sitemap
    • changing the theme

    I have a theme chosen, and the content changes drafted (offline, not in WordPress yet).

    My question is: is there a way to draft up my new site content+look/feel in WordPress using my new theme, while still keeping the old site public, indexable, as-is with the old them? Ideally, when I am happy with the new site, I would retract the old and deploy the new all at once.

    Thanks so much!


    removing, changing, and adding content

    That’s not theme dependent.

    changing the sitemap

    Your blog is enabled with just about everything you need to be super-searchable. This includes an XML sitemap, which you can access at Read more here >

    changing the theme

    No theme changes you make on any blog here are transferable to another blog with a single click. Yes you can set up another blogs but to what end? You can fiddle with the appearance but in the final analysis you will have to do it all again on the main blog.

    See here > Custom Design – Frequently Asked Questions

    If I switch themes, will my fonts and CSS carry over to the new theme?
    Fonts will carry over, but CSS will not. CSS is theme-specific and CSS written for one theme is unlikely to make sense for another. You can always access CSS you saved in the past via the CSS Revisions link at the top right of the Appearance → Customize → CSS panel.

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