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Is there a way to enable any reader to add new posts?

  1. I'm thinking of doing a site that has some pages with (relatively) static content, that's updated via admin, and also has a posts page where anyone who reads the blog can post updates.

    Is there a theme/widget/whatever that supports the creation of new posts from the blog itself, without going into the admin interface?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me suggesting how I can do this. Or can't!

  2. Don't do it. Link to a bulletin-board system. Or just use the comment mechanism - which works pretty well for threaded updates now.

  3. @tandava108 - thanks

    curious about what you mean by 'don't do it' - do you mean don't do it? or that for some reason it a bad thing to do?

    maybe wordpress isn't the right tool. the comment mechanism you can't introduce new topics, which isn't quite what's needed.

    @auxclass - hm, maybe adding a link to a Forum would be what I need. not sure, though. thanks for the links - will check into it....!

  4. I think what @tandava108 meant was "Can't do it" i.e. a plain visitor can't add a Post. Only a Contributor or better (Author, editor etc.) can add a Post

  5. Yes auxclass is correct I meant can't do it. BTW if you want a lot of work this appears to be possible with

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