Is there a way to get the url for the current post while editting it?

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    I was wondering if there was some supported PHP or something of that nature we could add to the HTML in a post to get it to automatically fill out the URL for the post when generates the page for the web browser?

    I’d like to add a footer to my posts with “+Add to”, etc.



    I was thinking that if you “Saved and Continued Editing” and then opened up the “Post Slug” box along the right hand side, it would show it but it doesn’t.

    Best bet would be to go back and edit the post after you published it. It’s either that or fake it. The URL would be your site’s URL + year + month + date + (The post title with all marks removed and hyphens replacing spaces)



    DrMike: I think I’m going to write up a greasemonkey script for Firefox for adding the chiclets after the fact. I didn’t want to do it for every post anyways, just the ones that get popular.



    the post’s url would be / date of post / title of post.

    the date of post would be arranged in year / month / day (remember to add a zero for single digit dates).

    the title of post you can edit through the post slug.

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