Is there a way to let visitors tag your posts?

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    Is there a way to let visitors tag your posts, and hold those requests to be approved? It would totally help you out if you don’t always tag everything as it should be?


    Tagging by Visitors, nice idea.
    i dont think so currently this is available, but this must be forwarded to WP/WP-Plugin developers.



    @cchetanonline – as I mentioned in the other thread, you do not appear to be hosted here at wordpress.COM and since we use different software here, your answers may not apply. For example, we do NOT use plugins here at wordpress.COM. Perhaps you have confused the two –

    @citizen10 – that is an interesting idea. There is no way to do it currently.


    Yes, i have seen your post, thanks for the alert, i will take care from now :)
    BTW nice idea posted by citizen10, we can see same thing here in the current thread, see right panel.



    is there someone who added that tagging system here on the forums who could possibly add it to blogs? it would make my life so much easier!

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