Is there a way to link tags to my blog’s posts only?

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    Hi. My blog is private. I have several categories, and the theme I am using is MistyLook 3.1. When I publish a new post, it places the post into the category of my choosing, but the tag at the foot of each post links to a WordPress-wide grouping of posts tagged with an identical category name. Since my blog is private, I’d rather have these links direct my readers to other posts in the category ON MY BLOG, not direct them to the WordPress tag page, where my posts aren’t even listed (since it’s private). Another WP blog I have (using the MistyLook theme) already links this way; is there a way I can get my tags to link to instead of by switching something in my Dashboard controls?




    I’d send feedback in to staff with specifics. As you mention, the category links should remain internal if your blog is marked as private. That’s a backend issue that we’re not going to be able to resolve for you here in the forums.

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