Is There a Way to Link to Related Posts with a Shortcode?

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    My blog is I have been adding related posts to the end of each of my posts, but it is time-consuming to create a link to old posts within that category and links to an associated photo. Is there a way to use an archive shortcode to link to posts within a category (with a number limit) instead of only weekly, monthly, etc?

    For instance, on a recipe post, I’d like to say at the end of the post – Related Posts: [shortcode to link to three posts filed under the recipe category].

    Thanks for any pointers.

    The blog I need help with is



    I too have been adding related posts found in my own blog to the end of my posts for over 5 years now. No I’m sorry there isn’t a shortcode we can use. However, determining what the URL is for any Catgeory is easily done.

    This is the format for all category URLs:
    This is the format for a category feed on blogs:

    On a side note: Have you tried Zemanta?


    Thanks, TimeThief. I appreciate your taking the time to respond. Maybe one day – WP will come up with a shortcut for us. :)

    I have not tried Zemanta. Do you know if I can choose a photo from within my own blog with Zemanta?



    I don’t use Zemanta locating images in my own blog. It doesn’t provided them from our own blogs. I began using Zemanta as a Firefox add-on first and most of my content is available to me when I use it in the form of links to posts.


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    It would be great to have a widget or shortcode for related posts.

    Here is what I’ve begun to do:
    I copied the source code from the archives shortcode onto a page (browse all recipes). This gives you a list of the titles of all your posts with links.
    Open a second browser window with my home page, and working backwards, drag an image from the post excerpt to the title. Brainless work to do while listening to a book on CD or such.

    Still have to go into html to make the images small…

    I’ve gone back to the summer of 2008 so far—and on quite a number of posts I apparently didn’t make custom excerpts so some titles still don’t have images with them yet.

    A lot of mindless work, but when I’ll want to add some “related posts” all that will be needed is to use the browser’s find function on the html of the page then copy/paste the code…

    Never mind. I’m probably crazy. But I’ve been getting a nice number of hits on the Browse All Recipes pages…



    Bookmarking! :)


    Well, at now at least I have options. Thanks, y’all. <3



    You’re welcome from me. :)



    If you use Zemanta, it can be configured to only choose links from within your own blog.


    @raincoaster – Can you walk me through that, if it’s not too much trouble?



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