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Is there a way to list ALL of your blog entries somewhere?

  1. I know about the Calendar, and the most recent entries.. is there a way to generate a list of every entry?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. do you want this available on your blog or just for your own info?

  3. @intunemusic - I see you don't have an Archive page. If that is what you'd like, simply create a new page, choose the Archive template from the drop-down on your right, and name it whatever you'd like. I have an Archive page (with the oh-so original name of Archive), if you'd like to see what I mean.

    ETA: when you use the Archive template the listings are added to that page automatically.

  4. chicagoterrainfactory

    @ellaella - is there anything you need to do to make templates available? The only drop downs on the right hand side of my write page is Page Parent and Page Author.

  5. I don't see your theme available to try it on another blog to see what you're seeing, so I assume you're not .com? We're .com here. In any case, this might vary from theme to theme. I see (with Misty) Page Template and Page Slug between parent and author. I believe it was the same when I tried Cutline. Perhaps someone knows for sure or, if you are, you could ask over there. Sorry I wasn't much help!

  6. Page templates, such as Archive, are theme-specific. It depends on whether the theme designers went ahead and made one.

  7. The Misty Look theme has page templates which is why I would find it hard to give up. Here's an Archives page example

  8. MistyLook also has author pages as well. Try clicking on the post author within a post to see:

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