Is there a way to make the bio box either display or not display?

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    Okay, I’ve been trying to figure this out for over a week now with no luck.
    Hopefully somebody here can tell me what I’m doing wrong…

    I’m using the “Mystique” theme. When I create an article, the bio box (with thumbnail photo) displays at the bottom of the page – but only sometimes. Sometimes it’s there, and when I go back to the page it isn’t there. It seems to appear and disappear on a completely arbitrary/chance basis.

    When I edit an article and preview the page, the bio box is *always* there. But when I save the page and then view it in the normal way, the bio box isn’t there.

    Is there a setting somewhere to make the bio box either display or not display?


    The blog I need help with is



    For me, i just don’t see your biobox in there…
    Best Regards.



    In Mystique, when looking at a single post page, you will see the Author bio box at the end of the post. It doesn’t display on the Front Page of your site.

    Display of the Author box is theme dependent, so if you don’t want it, you’ll have to search for another theme.



    Then how come it displays some of the time?
    And how come it always displays in Preview?



    What browser and version are you using? I’m using Chrome 25 and the Author box consistently shows at the bottom of your single post page here

    The Author box would always display in post Preview because you are looking at the single post page when you do.

    From what screen did you create your Post? Did you change the above post’s slug to “2”? The reason I ask is because the default post slug is to show the name of the post.



    PS – You said “when looking at a single page”. But how do you look at a single page?
    If I go to Preview, I see that the page on which I have written an (unfinished) article is:
    As you can see, the Bio/Author box displays at the bottom.
    But how would a visitor to my blog land on that page? There are only three items in the menu bar at the top: “Home”, “About” and “Introduction”. The article appears on the “Home” page (without the Author box).
    How do visitors get to specific pages if not via the top menu?
    Incidentally, I don’t really care whether the Author box displays or not, it’s the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any way to control whether it displays or not that’s annoying me. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t. I’d like to be able to decide what appears on my pages.
    Thanks for your help.


    We overlapped there. I’m sorry, I don’t know what a “slug” is, if it isn’t whiskey : )



    And I have just found your other post on this subject as well, which is a couple of days old:

    Rather than posting the same topic numerous times, you can find your previous threads by clicking on your username at the top of every forum page where it says “Welcome, zakmartinprofiler”. That will take you to this page

    So, indeed, if Staff are tinkering with themes right now, let’s give it another day or two and look again.

    In the meantime, you may want to work your way through this resource:


    I did find the previous threads, but I didn’t get any answer to my question – ie, why the bio thingy appears sometimes and not at other times.
    And thanks, but I have already checked out all the “how to” articles, videos etc. They all seem to me to explain things very badly (in fact I find the whole wordpress system very counter-intuitive). I haven’t been able to find clear explanations or instructions anywhere. And the “support” is nonexistent, unless some other member such as yourself offers to help. It’s all very hit-and-miss and disorganised.
    I think I may have to find another blog site.
    Anyway, thanks again for your help.



    I tagged this thread for Themes Staff support. It will be moved to the Themes Forum. Though I could be wrong it sounds to me like you may be experiencing an intermittent bug.


    @timethief – Thanks for responding. If it’s just a glitch it’s not a problem. It just annoys me when I can’t figure out how to do something. I know exactly what I want to have on my site and the options just don’t seem to be there.

    Since you’re there and you seem to know what you’re talking about, can you maybe answer the question I posted above – ie, how do visitors to my site get to specific pages (articles)?

    My plan was to create separate pages analyzing unsolved murders and disappearances, keeping each case separate. I can’t figure out where to link them from. If I link them from the top menu it would quickly become “overcrowded”. I’m thinking maybe I need a second menu, at the side, but I don’t see any option for that.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



    Visitors click on the permalink to get to the single post page, or they come directly via a link on a different website to that particular post.

    Sounds like to organize this, what you need is categories.



    @zakmartinprofiler- I’m using Mystique on one of my sites and what may be happening is “Post Formats”.

    Mystique has a number of different Post formats including, Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery. It may be that you have selected to use one of the post formats that doesn’t display the Author bio. Standard post format consistently does.



    zakmartinprofiler, the thig is, when someone access a specifc post on your blog like you will see the bio of the post author… When visiting the main page where all your posts are listed, it won’t show so, i think, it will note polute the timeline of your blog… It’s not a glitch or anything like, it’s just how it was set to be…

    Best regards.


    Thanks for the help, folks. I think I’m going to have to spend a bit more time familiarizing myself with how this all works. Unfortunately I don’t have much spare time. I wonder – are there any WP maestros around here who would be interesting in setting up my site for a fee?



    There are plenty. I believe TT has private clients, as do I. I also run workshops both online and offline to help beginners get the most from

    I’m pretty sure, however, this will come down to a post format issue. Not really worth the money.



    Yes, in working with any software there’s a learning curve involved. If you have a driver’s license, you know that was something you had to work towards before it became 2nd nature. Same here.

    If you need more of a linear learning experience, I can’t recommend Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s “WordPress for Dummies” enough. While her book deals mostly with standalone WordPress, there are several chapters on using as well.


    @raincoaster – “I’m pretty sure, however, this will come down to a post format issue.”

    Thanks for responding. I went to the page you linked, but I can’t see how any of the post format options listed (Standard, Gallery, Aside etc) would solve the issue I outlined. The article also suggests: “To see what the different formats look like with your theme, add some content to the editor, select a post format, and click Preview.” But when I click the Preview button nothing happens. No preview.

    In any event the terminology used here might as well be Swahili, for all the sense it makes to me. I’m sure it’s all very simple for those of you who have taken the time to familiarize yourselves with it. Unfortunately, as I said, I have very little free time. I really just want to be able to write and save articles. So, again, I’d be happy to pay a fee to anyone who can set the page up the way I want it.

    Thanks again to everyone for all the advice.



    Here’s something that might help, at least with the terminology used:

    If all you are interested in doing is writing and publishing, a standard site set up is all you need and which you already have. Bookmark this page and write your posts. Save your draft from time to time and when ready click the Publish button. If you want the Author bio to appear, then always use the Standard Post format, which is the default. New posts are automatically added to the dynamic front page of your site.

    If you want to understand more about what is happening,
    and of course the book I recommended above.

    Best wishes to you.


    @justjennifer – I really appreciate your taking the trouble to respond, but I’ve read all the info on the pages you linked, and others, and I still haven’t found the answers to the two questions I need answers to. And I really haven’t got time to read books on the subject (I am in Spain: it takes weeks for mail to arrive from overseas). Anyway, I’m up to my eyes in work. I really don’t have the time to read books just to post a blog.

    All I want to know is: How do I create titled links to articles on my landing page?
    And how do I control whether or not the author box displays. You
    say: “If you want the Author bio to appear, then always use the Standard Post format”. But I have been using the standard format, and it doesn’t appear. I don’t necessarily want it to appear; I just want to be able to decide whether it appears or not.

    So again, if anyone is interested in setting this up for me for a fee…?

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