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Is there a way to make the bio box either display or not display?

  1. Hmm..
    I got that sorted out, but now I've come up against another problem. When I create a new article, its title appears in the top menu. I don't want it to, and in any event the menu would soon become "overcrowded".
    Is there any way to create articles (not blogs) without their appearing in the menu?
    I tried not giving the article a title, but that's no good because A/ a gap still appears in the menu, and B/ there would be no way of finding articles if I wanted to edit them (since they would have no titles).
    Any suggestions? Is there a solution to this?

  2. You are creating static Pages, not Posts. This is not a great idea, but if you insist, yes, you can do it without them appearing in your header: you simply have to use a Custom Menu as explained in the Support documents.

  3. I'm creating two different categories: Case histories (unsolved murders and disappearances), and Articles (dealing with crime detection and profiling in general). I want to keep the two separate, otherwise it would become very messy and confusing. The best way I can see to do this is to use the blog option for cases, and the static page option for articles. What are static pages for if not articles?
    I'm also wondering what happens when my Post page becomes too long. Some of my posts are going to be quite lengthy, and then presumably there will be replies. Is there a limit to the number of articles/words that can be posted on a post page?
    I guess I'll have to read the section explaining Custom Menus, if I can find it. I'm not good at this technical stuff, not that anyone would notice : )
    Thanks for your help.

  4. This is frustrating! I created a Custom Menu, but it doesn't appear anywhere. Not on my Home page, not on my Post page.
    I created a Custom Menu called "Articles", and I linked to an article under it.
    So why doesn't the menu appear in my sidebar? Or anywhere?

  5. Is this forum the only support for WordPress? All the "Support" links seem to come back to here, but getting information here seems to be dependent on whether anyone can be bothered to help. Is there no *actual* support?
    The FAQ section is useless.

  6. There is no round the clock support other than this forum for free users. Since your latter questions are not related to the topic of this thread, you should probably do a forum search and find threads that are related to the topics you're seeking information on, since every support person already knows your original question has been answered.

    Pages and Posts are a very basic distinction that I believe is covered in

  7. Hi,
    My issue has nothing to do with pages/posts. My issue is that, following your advice, I created a custom menu, but it doesn't display anywhere on my site, and I can't figure out why.

    I'm sure I created it properly. I can see it when I go into Appearance > Menus, but why isn't is appearing on my blog?

    I've read pages and pages of instructions, but there's nothing about trouble-shooting custom menus that don't display.

  8. Start a new thread. This is a completely different issue from the original. The reason nobody else is replying to you is everybody knows you already got the answer to the bio box question, so they consider this thread done.

    You can also look at the Custom Menu tag in this forum and see how other people have dealt with this issue.

  9. Yeah, thanks.... I already checked that out and couldn't find anyone having the same issue.
    I would have thought that if you create a custom menu, it would automatically appear on your blog. Obviously not. Every simple thing here seems to be more complicated than it needs to be.
    I guess I'll have to start a new thread. To ask if anyone can tell me why the menu I created isn't displaying. But if nobody here knows the answer, is anyone likely to know the answer in another forum?

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