Is there a way to replace uploademedia files instead of 'add new'?

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    Over the last months I have been adding images, but I haven’t been careful about the resolution. I know I can load a smaller version of the image, and then add it to all the posts that it is linked to, but if I could just replace the file in my blogs directory tree directly with a ‘smaller’ file I would be able to avoid that step entirely.

    Is there a way to ‘replace’ a media file instead of ‘add new’, or an ‘add’ that lets you specify where to put the resulting file?
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    On, you can use a query string parameter to display a smaller sized image. For example:

    That actually happens automatically in posts and we try to serve the smallest-but-best-quality image possible in an automated way.

    Note that there is not a way to replace an image with a smaller version of the same image using the exact same file name on Our system is setup so that there will be no file naming collisions across caching servers and to do that, no images you upload can have the exact same name in the same space. What I would recommend is optimizing the images you upload going from this point forward.



    hmph, that requires organization…

    As you surmised, I was trying to save space on your servers rather than display area in the posts. It might be a nice feature to add, but since you sell the space extensions I can see why it might not be high on your list.

    I’ll have to do the add new and remove old way then if I want to reduce already added media’s size.

    Thanks for the quick response.


    Of course, you can remove the old images and upload new ones if you’d like, but it’s a lot of work for you and you would have to re-insert each new image you uploaded.

    The blogs come with 3GB of free space, which is actually quite a bit and unless you’re adding a really large volume of images then you should be fine for a long time if you start optimizing the images from this point forward. If you ever hit the limit at a later point, then you could do the work to remove some of the larger images at that time if that’s better.

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