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Is there a way to syndicate a newsfeed into my blog via RSS

  1. Hello,

    I have a blog here at and I also follow a technology oriented web site (and occasionally write some articles for them). They are willing to give me an RSS feed of whatever I ask them for, and I would like to incorporate it into my blog somehow. Ideally, I would like to have a separate post for each entry but any other way may work too... I went through each and every setting I could find and there is nothing that would deal with RSS. Could you please help?

    PS. @sacredheart - please spare me from the shpiel on duplicate content, I know all that but I do need to consolidate it somewhere and I would much rather to do it here at WP.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm wondering the same thing. Can anyone out there help?

  3. All Word-press blogs have multiple built-in feeds.
    This is the URL for the RSS feed for your posts:
    This is the URL for the RSS feed for your comments:
    The RSS Links Widget allows you to add links to your blog’s post and comment RSS feeds in your sidebar.

    The learn tutorial link is on the bottom of your Admin page

    The support documentation is where I got your answers from and it's here There's also a link to it on the bottom of your Admin page. Note that the searchbox there provides results from both the docs and from forum threads.

    P.S. Note that is specifically engineered to support original blogging and DISABLE robo-posting.

  4. Oh dear! I forgot to change the URLs for the RSS feeds in this answer I copied and pasted. However, disregarding those links you can see what the syntax will be for feeds on your own free hosted blogs will be.

  5. If you want to populate your blog Posts automatically with a RSS feed that can't be done here - that is a favorite tool of Spammers - and is expressly forbidden by the TOS - no auto posting

    You can put a RSS widget in your sidebar but that is all - or you can do excerpts by hand onto a Post or Page

  6. @astepanov
    Regarding your P.S. above take note that this is a peer support forum and taking cheap shots at Volunteers here is not appreciated nor is it a wise move on your part. Duplicate content can and will be detected by the Google Panda's alogrithm.

  7. @georgesells
    The blog linked to your username is a free hosted blog that has not published a post since 2010. Are you asking about that blog or not? Please always post an active link to the blog in question starting with http:// when you post to these forums.

  8. @astepanov

    Blogs that violate our advertising policy or fall into one of the following categories are not allowed on
    Automated blogs: Blogs that are generated by computers, including randomly generated blogs, blogs that re-publish press releases, marketing material, search engine results, link dumps or any other mass-produced content.

  9. You can, however, use the RSS widget to put them in the sidebar.

  10. This is a very strange thread indeed...

    First, I have no Idea why I was randomly accused of all known sins altogether - the posts I'm trying to consolidate are MINE (as in "written by me") and not "link dumps" or other cyber-trash of that sort. I thought I made it clear in the original question.

    Second, your advice is exactly the opposite to what I was trying to figure out. Maybe I was not clear enough in stating the question, but I am trying to bring all my writings to HERE, not to feed them out to other blogs. Hence, the WP feeds won't help me any...

    Hope that explains

  11. I apologize for not clearly comprehending what you meant.

    If you want to import content into your blog then see here >

  12. Thanks

  13. You're welcome.

  14. The answer is, however, the same, really. Staff suspend blogs that are aggregators all the time, even if all they aggregate is your own content.

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