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Is there a way to turn off reblogging?

  1. I could have sworn I saw an option to turn off pingbacks etc may pre it's there? I did turn off comments for posts after 30 days which is what the spammers seem to go for. Would that prevent reblogging?

    Ps I logged out and could not find a reblogging button on my page. Mystery?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No there is not. The ToS allows to promote our blogs and this the one of the means they choose to use. Even if we could "turn it off" there would still be "press this", and anyone could still copy and paste.

  3. Thanks for that info, Timethief!

    Forgot to ask, if we block a spammer, can they still reblogging our posts! Just curious.

  4. Thanks again autocorrect! Love ya!

  5. Anyone who is a member can reblog your posts. Anyone who is not a member can steal your posts. The fact you marked someone as a spammer is irrelevant as it's a subjective call. I have seen bloggers here mark comments they did not like as spam when they weren't spam. Spam is what is described here >

  6. What is this auto-correct you are on about, please?

  7. Yes, they can still reblog your content.

    You CAN disable pingbacks. I believe that's under Settings->General.

    There's a way to prevent people from reblogging your images: upload, as the first image in a post, a 1x1 dot, a single pixel the colour of your background. It's invisible to the reader, but only the first image of a post is rebloggable, so they'll reblog that pixel and nothing else.

    If a genuine spammer is reblogging your stuff, go to their blog and report it as spam, giving all the details in your comments to staff.

  8. @raincoaster
    That image workaround no longer works.

  9. @Timethief I was just having a nice chat with my iPad autocorrect function. It changed nearly every word in my last sentence, lol

    I didn't mean marking as spam, I meant the blacklisting function. I only mention spammers because I think the girl reblogging was flagged as a spammer previously.

  10. Ooh, great info Raincoaster. Thank you!

  11. Using blacklisting just means that Akismet will sequester future comments in the spam queue.

  12. Hmmm, thanks for the info TT. Does that mean that someone can now reblog with multiple images, or that reblogs allow you to choose which image you use?

  13. The reblogger gets every image. Imagine that if you are posting personal photos or, for example, open casket funeral photos or your photos of the birth of your baby.

  14. Joy.

    I do hope will disable or suspend blogs that consist only of reblogs.

  15. I reported the spammer to WP staff. I've never seen a maze like that! They make it look like you are on the "Comtact Staff" form then they send you on a wild goose chase. It almost ended up in the forum. I agree with that other commenter, it seems like some of the security measures are failing.

  16. Timethief so they can still subscribe to my Reader even if they're blacklisted? I guess the blacklist is just for comments? I didn't know that. They'd have to do it through the Reader as there's no reblogging option on my page....l,

  17. Raincoaster yeah I've seen some blogs that get the same person reblogging every post especially the popular sites. Seems like stealing content (the photo on my post was an original).

  18. They can reblog you via the Reblog button on their admin bar.

  19. The security measures aren't failing in any way, shape of form that I can detect and I consider such statements to be inflammatory. Please don't make them in forum threads. This is a public forum that anyone on the internet can access these forums and you can bet your bottom buck that many would-be hackers are lurking here. If you have a security issue do not post it here use this link - -

  20. Um, a flagged spammer just stole one of my original photos without permission. I don't consider that adequate security.

    As I mentioned I clicked on both the report issues and contact forms, which morphed into a button that said "share with the community"! Which I nearly clicked on. Getting to the email staff page was very difficult. Have you actually tried it?

  21. This dialog won't result in gaining any Staff attention without it being tagged like I just did. Also note that after we Volunteers tag threads for Staff we stop posting to them.

  22. Timethief, I'm confused, do you mean flagging for staff attention? I was talking about the form that says I can email staff directly to report a security issue, even without a forum message.

  23. Um, a flagged spammer just stole one of my original photos without permission. I don't consider that adequate security.

    Well, you could always set your site to Private where only approved people can see it.

  24. Yes mark

  25. Yikes! That was meant to go into the email I was working on - oops!

    I think you mean this link which Staff frequently deactivate on weekends, holidays, when they have a backlog, or when changes "under the hood" are happening. Is that the one you mean? If so then not to worry as it's because it's currently deactivated I tagged this thread for Staff.

  26. Ah, that makes more sense now! Thank you. I'm guessing they are busy if they're reformatting stuff.

  27. You're welcome.

  28. @raincoaster -- Reblogging used to pick up only the first image. Now, apparently, it's grabbing more. My recent FP'd post was reblogged many times and in each case it picked up both (2) images in my post.

    I also noticed that according to my Referrer stats, not one of those reblogs brought a visitor to my blog. So I think WordPress's rationale about generating traffic is, at best, specious. If WP won't give us a free Reblog opt-out option, perhaps they could add a paid Reblog Opt-Out upgrade, or include one with their No Ads upgrade, since there's no benefit that I can see in generating traffic to a blog with no ads.

  29. That's not a bad idea at all, making a paid opt-out. Some of us with No Ads enjoy having high traffic regardless of ad revenue, though.

    As for reblogging photos, you are always free to send them a DMCA notice to take down your copyrighted materials. WordPress is bound to take them down if you do. See here

  30. I sent them a DMCA notice yesterday, will be interesting to see if they respond and how.

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