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Is there a way to turn off reblogging?

  1. They will respond when they can and it will be a private email response to you ie. it won't be posted here.

  2. I'm not saying ads benefit the blog owner in any way; they only benefit WP. A paid reblog opt-out would compensate WP for the loss of whatever benefit it now derives from reblogging. I'm assuming WP's benefit is financial and is related to viewership of ads. If that's true, there is no benefit in trying to drive viewers to a No Ads blog. And there is a lot of good will to be gained by giving/selling us a reblog option.

    I'm not particularly concerned about the reblogging of the one post I mentioned. The photos weren't mine to copyright and I wanted people to see them and comment. I just wish the all the reblogging had brought people to my blog and the discussion there, but that was not the case. None of the Referrers have been reblogs.

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