Is there a way to update or correct the date appearing in google searches?

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    When my blog posts appear on Google, it lists the date the post was created, not the date the post was last updated.

    This makes a post look outdate, when it has actually been updated recently.

    Is there anyway to:

    a – remove the date from appearing in google entirely or
    b – change the dates manually to be the current date or
    c – change a setting so it automatically shows updated date

    I have already tried post settings > status > published > manually changing the publication date.

    This does not work. It changes the URL of the post – making the original post disappear and all links to the original post stop working.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    my blog is:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, yes, once a post has been published, it is not a good idea to change the post date for the reasons you mentioned.

    Looking at your site it seems it is a mix of pages and posts.

    Pages are really meant to be timeless content, updated or changed infrequently if not rarely. Updating Pages doesn’t ping search engines.

    You might want to consider publishing an “update” post mentioning that there is new content on Page X. It won’t change the date of your original posts in search engines, but both they and your readers will be pinged by the new post.

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